The Witches of Andar

Book 1 of The Witches of Andar series

A trio of An-Kishar witches has unwittingly become involved in a royal coup. After saving the murdered king’s son, the foursome takes shelter with a traveling theater troupe, hoping to stay in hiding until the Prince is able to reclaim his throne. Fight alongside Malinda, Alice, and Justine to rid the kingdom of the dark magic that threatens to run rampant. Venture into the Hanging Ferns Forest, travel with the Thespian Connection, and help unravel the mysteries that lie within the realm of Andar! “Alice!… You can’t slap a Prince!” -Justine; The Witches of Andar- Book 1
The Witches of Andar Book Trailer
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Justine’s Judgement

Book 2 of The Witches of Andar series

In this sequel to TWoA, Justine and her friends, Alice and Malinda, are once again fighting back against the evil Duke Ebrius. Evading and outwitting him at every turn, the witches team up with some very colorful characters along the way. There’s Jaicor, Malinda’s cousin and helpful aid to the witches in the early part of their journey. Jaicor’s wife, Marcine, is a delight, as well. Their witty banter is a heart-warming sight to the three travel-weary women.

Later, the group encounters, Jaicor’s markethand, Olendian, and continues on to meet Malinda’s other cousin, Jaicor’s sister, Lady Luleth. Lady Luleth’s husband, Lord Kelton and Jehren, a member of their staff decide to help Malinda, Alice, and Justine when they come to Crippen Manor looking for allies. While devising a plan to defeat the Duke, Justine befriends a guest staying at the Manor. She is Eleyna, a mysterious and beautiful woman who quickly becomes a close confidant and ally. Though Justine and Eleyna form a fast bond, Eleyna’s motives may not be as pure as she portends. Uncovering secret pasts and unrecognized ancestries, not a soul will be left unchanged by the events about to take place. In the end, the witches and their friends will work together to bring down the greatest evil to ever threaten the land of Andar!

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Midnight Monster

A Flash-fiction Horror story

“Exposing its tiny, yellow teeth- miniature mountains of death, with sharp, pointed peaks- it called out again. I watched, this time privy to a front row anatomy lesson, as it opened its maw even wider, the skin folding back onto itself, and bellowed from twin air sacks protruding from its inner cheeks…” Midnight Monster is a gripping thriller following an unknown individual as they desperately attempt to escape the clutches of a horrendous malevolent creature. The fear of the unknown and the promise of a fate worse than death will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout this short story. Be prepared to BE SCARED!
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Extra Life

Poems & Pieces

Struggling to remain wholesome in a cynical and virtue-less world, the author brings a fresh perspective to everyday situations and rips off the proverbial band-aid on life, revealing raw wounds with which most everyone can empathize.

This book contains reflections of the past, ponderings of the present, and musings about the future- pleasantly mixed with anecdotes and revelations regarding humanity, life, love and all the good and evil found therein. With wit and spirit unmatched by most, Ashlie Harris sheds a light into many dark corners, bringing understanding and love to the shadowy recesses of your heart.

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Circles of the Soul

A poetic expression of humanity.

Circles of the Soul is the manifesto of a restless empath. Fighting back against injustices, bigotry, and the judgemental hatred of way too many people, the author fires literary bullets on her own frontlines; her casualties easily rivaling those of her enemies. Dismantling hate with logic and love, Ashlie Harris unabashedly confronts the world with Circles of the Soul.

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