Get nosey and poke around a bit! Feel free to let me know what you think! Fantasy readers will enjoy The Witches of Andar series, a thrilling, magical adventure chock-full of ancestral secrets and gripping plot-twists. There’s more to be found here for the bibliophilic eye, though!

For poetry lovers, check out Extra Life and Circles of the Soul- two collections comprised of 22 poems and 4 articles, sure to stir your spirits. If you’re a horror fan, look into Midnight Monster- a flash fiction horror piece to get your blood pumping and ramp up your paranoia. If you haven’t read my work yet, please check out my Wattpad stories (Writing<Short Stories & Freebies).

Also, check out my blog- Circles of the Soul! These pieces should give you a good idea of the style and quality of my writing.

Between the pages of my writing, you’ll discover the true me. The stories I tell are not just fables, but extensions of my very soul. Every word you read brings you closer to me, and I love finding new Kindred Spirits!


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